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    Toolbars, Envelopes and Vertical Zoom???


           I just download Audition 4 Beta for Mac.  I was a user of 1.5 on the PC and noticed that some of the user friendly shortcut buttons are not present.  In EDIT view I can't seem to find out how to add the shortcut toolbars to the top as I did in previous versions.  In MULTITRACK I am having a hard time trying to find the vertical zoom that would allow me to reduce the amount of tracks I want to view on screen when working on a session.  If I am only working on two tracks then I would prefer not to see the third empty track. Lastly, when working on a track in multi, I noticed I could add any envelopes.(UPDATE: I just realized the envelopes can be created by clicking on the yellow volume bar, not unlike the previous version where the volume bar was found along the top of the wave form.)


      Am I missing any or all of these features somewhere?  Are they not available in the Beta version?  Or are they simply not in the plan for Audition 4?




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          _durin_ Adobe Employee

          The Toolbar has not been implemented in this release, though it does remain in our feature database for future consideration.  I'll update the notes to include your request.


          As for vertical zooming, do you have a mouse equipped with a scroll-wheel?  You can position your cursor over the track panels on the left, and use the scroll-wheel to adjust the track height.  You can also position your cursor between two tracks and click-and-drag to resize an individual track.

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            Gobcross Level 1

                 The scroll over the left over the track panels worked like a charm.  I wasn't able to get the scroll over of the right edge to work though.


                 Just to follow up with toolbar request, it would really help work follow to have them eventually added.  From 10 years of experience working with Cool Edit/ Audition, workflow slows down significantly when you don't have the shortcuts on the toolbars available and are forced to go through the drop down menu for every fade, gain and/or effect.  It gets even worse when you are on a macbook and don't have a mouse handy.


                  Otherwise, Audition 4 Beta is really a welcome addition to the mac family.

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              _durin_ Adobe Employee

              I goofed on the scroll over scrollbar - that just scrolls!  I edited my original response, thanks for catching my error.


              I definitely agree about the toolbars.  It IS intimidating to new users to have this army of buttons with icons that must resemble heiroglyphs, but once you get it setup the way you like - in later versions of Audition, you could configure which groups and buttons were available and customize it to your needs - it makes editing MUCH faster.  If you configure keyboard shortcuts for those tools and functions you use most often, it can help speed editing, but I agree about the toolbars and will be very happy once we get those implemented.


              Thanks for the great feedback!

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                Charles VW Adobe Employee

                It should also be noted that two-finger scrolling does also work for those using Trackpads.  It doesn't necessarily have to be done via a mouse scroll-wheel.