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    Pay 4 help with virtual office?

    ProjectedSurplus Level 1

      I'm willing to pay for referential help (ie answering questions when stuck) as I build a highly scalable flash 3D virtual office application/site.


      I have some code background in HTML/ColdFusion/MySQL and I plan ideally to host on Google App Engine using their datastore as the backend and the OpenBlueDragon port of Coldfusion for GAE as the middle tier.


      However I am struggling with flash and/or flex.  Specifically while I've learned a great deal of AS3 concepts and FB component coding, all the 3D engine (lately Alternativa or Flare3D seem to have become the leaders) tutorials seem to be Flash based rather than FlashBuilder.


      Moreover, I'm presently working through the Flash and PHP Bible (though trying to adapt the PHP to CF code) and can't find any resources describing how to connect Flash CS5 to Coldfusion (they all focus on FB4 and usually a wizard therein).


      And finally given the scope of the intended project I recognize I will need a framework of some sort but transparently lack the expertise as yet to pick/implement one.


      Thanks in advance for any and all feedback (sorry for cross-posting here and in flash).