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    Reflection using ActionScript 2

      I want to make a reflecton of my mc. using fully AS2. So i got this code for basic reflection:

      mc.duplicateMovieClip("mc1", this.getNextHighestDepth(), {_yscale: -100, _y:(mc._y+mc._height), _alpha:60});

      The problem is that reflection doesn't get verticaly fliped. How do I make that?. Also I want to add a gradient mask over the reflection, and a blur filter. (all using actionscript).
      Thanks in advance.
      (BTW I'm using Flash CS3)
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          Wow acid, this is funny. I did something similar just yesterday.

          Flipping vertically (not rotating) is done by multiplying it's _yscale by a negative number, like reflection_mc._yscale *= -1
          Gradients are made by the beginFill method (check Flash Help) and blur you should also be able to look up in the flash help under filters.Blurfilter.