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    MAST/VAST Question


      Hi All,

      I've found myself in a bit of a situation and I'm going to need some of your help to get out of it.  I'm using MAST to play my VAST ads.  Initially, when I set this up just using the MAST plugin. I got my VAST ad and my main video part of the same serial element causing the ad and the video to be part of the same timeline.  I then used an example from http://mediapm.edgesuite.net/osmf/swf/ExamplePlayer.swf to change the structure so that it works like the example Compostion > Video with Timed Ad Insertion which makes my ad and video seperate but now the ad and video are being pulled from inside my StrobeMediaPlayback class and not my configuration.xml file.  I'd like to pull the ad from the VAST and the video from the configuration.xml file like it was initially. Please tell me i'm not the only one who has run into this situation.  Anyone?

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          Andrian Cucu Adobe Employee

          Hi KindOfBlue,


          I would try to branch the MASTPlugin and implement the behavior that you describe directly in the plugin. (i'd probably contribute the code back afterwards, since I'd expect the behavior that you describe to be provided out of the box).


          Is there anything that can be done at the OSMF or StrobeMediaPlayback level that would make the implementation of this behavior in a plugin easier?


          Thank You,


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            KindOfBlue Level 1

            Hi Andrian,

            Thanks a ton for your response.  One thing that would make this implementation process a lot easier would be to seperate the serial elements of the plugins.  When I have two videos (a mast/vast ad and a regular video) they get joined together.  It would be nice to have some kind of "controls enabled/disabled" setting so that can be quickly set as well.  I'll take a look at the MASTPlugin to see if there is something I can do with that.  In the meantime, if anyone else has any suggestions on how to accomplish this, I'm all ears.  Thanks in advance.

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              Hi KindOfBlue,


              Did you eventually come up with a solution to this? I'm also using the MAST plugin and want to be able to detect when a linear ad (pre/post/mid roll) is playing versus content so that I can change the control bar state (disable/enable controls).


              It's not obvious how to do this without de-constructing the MASTProxyElement returned by the factory back into component MediaElements but even then it's not clear how to work out which are the ads.


              Cheers in advance.