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    ViewStack's TabBar: vertical position icon and description


      Hello everyone,
      I created a ViewStack with two tabs and I quote, in addition to the description, even an icon. The code is as follows:

      <mx:ViewStack id="viewstack" creationPolicy="all" left="0" right="0>
      <mx:Canvas label="Tab 1" icon="@Embed('icon1.png')" id="tab_1">
      <! - Any elements ->
      </ Mx: Canvas>

      <mx:Canvas label="Tab 2" icon="@Embed('icon2.png')" id="tab_2">
      <! - Any elements ->
      </ Mx: Canvas>
      </ Mx: ViewStack>

      In this way, the icon is placed next to the description of the tab, precisely on the left. I would rather that the icon is located above description, but I do not know how. I tried to set the vertical layaout the Application tag, but obviously I will change the entire layout.
      You can determine the position of the icon, or do I create a custom component for use in ViewStack Canvas?

      Thank you so much aid.