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    sergino futurino

      I've been using Audition since the Echo Mona Cooledit 1.0 SE

      and I love it, but this Beta has colors that my poor eyes cannot stand.

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          GodzFire Level 1

          Add Amplify (Process) to that list

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            I haven't used any newer versions than 1.5, but what happened to changing the colors for the actual HUD? I miss that blue-greyish color.

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              Charles VW Adobe Employee

              Which specific functionality in Amplify (Process) are you missing the most?  I may be able to help point you to other places in the app where you can accomplish what you need.  (this should probably be put in to a different thread that is not labeled "Colors")

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                Charles VW Adobe Employee

                We now share the Same UI as the other Adobe Video applications.  For users who are used to other applications like Premiere Pro and After Effects, we've been told it is easier for them to migrate to another Adobe application that has similar UI.


                There are still several colors you can change, and you can at least make the Grey lighter and darker.  Go ahead and check out the Appearance Preferences at


                Adobe Audition > Preferences > Appearance...


                From there, you can change several colors in the UI.


                Screen shot 2010-11-10 at 1.37.28 PM.png

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                  sergino futurino Level 1

                  The problem is that before writing my post I already had tried all the combinations of colors in the Preferences > Appearance... , even with different  brightness and my eyes keep feeling disturbed.

                  If I try the same combinations in Audition for Windows my eyes are always in good shape. I know my eyes are not good,  but there is something different very subtle in the Audition Mac version as this is the only program that give me a problem with the eyes.  I have many professional music software in my Bootcamp partition like Logic pro, Vienna suite, instruments and ensemble, Ableton  8 and others and they are all OK.


                  And besides, you say that Audition 4 will not be in the Adobe Video suite, so I don't see the reason to match the colors with Premiere!