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    Scrollpane contents and .tif display

    Beatie3 Level 1
      Hello, I have another problem, but this time I think it's a bit more challenging than my last one that I answered myself. Flash says you can get .tif images to display if you have Quicktime 4 or above installed. I think it may be a lie, or at best only part of the story, because I need to upload .tif files and display them in a Scrollpane and so far they won't show up. Any hints about why that is so would be really appreciated.

      My second problem is ... once the .tif is in the scrollpane I want to be able to draw a line on it. I've got the drawing working perfectly, and could target just the visible space of the scrollpane, but I want to target the image and be able to make the image scroll while drawing, only because some of these images are humungus and I can't make the application big enough for the whole thing to be visible at one time. There are instances where the length of the scale bar could be greater than the visible area of the scrollpane. I have a notion it has to do with targeting the loaded image at the right depth, but beyond that I really have no idea how to proceed. Any pointers in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.

      thank you,