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    Importing Illustrator projects into Catalist


      I need to know how to resize my project so that it will fit into FC

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          kathy1-8759 Level 1

          any help would be greatly appriciated.

          thanks everyone

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            Ian Giblin

            Hi Kathy,

            The restrictions for importing Illustrator files into Catalyst are here...


            ...in the comps that I have been recieving from users the leading cause for exceeding one of the limits has been images (causing the comp to be larger than 40 MB.)

            These are the most common problems...

            • embedded images that are greater then 72 ppi (often because they have been scaled down or sometimes because they have come from a print job)
            • masked images that may be too large


            The best way to tell what is going on in your Illustrator comp with regards to image data is to use the Document Info panel (Window>Document Info)


            You must uncheck “Selection Only” in the panel flyout menu so the panel will look at the whole document.

            Now check or select “Embedded Images.”

            Once you've done this the panel displays the names of all the embedded images in the document and their color space, size, dimensions, resolution, etc.


            Scroll through the list of embedded images and look for any red flags for performance (you are likely making a project that will be published to the web as a SWF, after all.)


            If you see some images that are higher resolution than you need or are of suspiciously large physical size and you can't find them in your Illustrator file you can do this...

            • Turn on "Selection Only" in the Document Info panels Flyout menu (leave the Embedded images option still checked.)
            • Get the Direct selection tool and just start clicking on images.
            • The panel will report the resolution/size of only the selected image.  If it is higher resolution than 72 ppi you can just rasterize it (Object>Rasterize in Illustrator). If they are non-rectangular or have alpha remember to set the background as Transparent in Illustrator's Rasterize options dialog.


            If you find images that are masked (and huge) you may want to consider just cropping them.


            You can select the clipping mask, drag out an artboard with the Artboard Tool and then choose Objects>Artboards>Fit to Selected Art. (You'll see the newly created artboard jumps to the exact size of the selected clipping path.)

            Then choose Save for Web.

            Export as optimized jpg.

            Import the optimized jpg and align it with your masked image.

            Delete your oversized, masked image.



            It could be that you have more than 6500 objects.

            These are common sources of high object count...

            • Brushes
            • Dashed Strokes
            • Type Outlines
            • Live Trace objects

            You can just rasterize these groups. Again, remember to turn on Transparent background.


            Save a copy of your modified Illustrator file and try again to import into Flash Catalyst.


            Let me know if any of these tips help.


            Ian Giblin

            Flash Catalyst Team

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              kathy1-8759 Level 1


              thank you so much! that was amazing and very helpful.