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    Good information for anyone using Flash Catalyst CS5 !!!

    Van Garmon Level 1

      I am using FC_CS5 and I am a huge fan and can not wait for the next version to come out. I have already maxed out the potential of this program and I have noticed many other people having the same problem that I had when it comes to not being able to create any more than 20 different states or 20 different pages.


      The way around this is simply to design your project within AI CS5, Fireworks CS5, Photoshop CS5. I started my project out in Illustrator CS5 simply because Flash catalyst will recognize your layers and your individual artboards and will lay them out for you in your Catalyst project. This is the great part!!!


      You can't  create new or duplicate anything over 20 states from within Catalyst but you can create a large amount of artboards or in catalyst terms, "states", thus allowing you to get by the restriction within catalyst.


      My project has about 45 different artboards. I created a few extra artboards incase the client wanted to add some stuff later on. I create a catalyst project from my AI project and now I have 45 different states.


      I hope this will help anyone who is using Flash Catalyst and I can't wait for the adobe crew to fix this issue allow for more than 20 states in the future and I better not find out that the adobe crew stops the "work around" I described above!