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    Updating Stalled Process Post ES2 Upgrade

    NW987 Level 1

      I just upgraded our server from 8.2 to ES2 SP2.  I had several active process instances before the upgrade that I'm testing post upgrade.


      The process I'm testing uses a Query Single Row Operation which is stalling.  It's stalling because I don't have a required parameter(Data Mapping) defined.  This parameter was not required in 8.2 so it worked fine.


      So I fixed that issue with the process(after creating an application and importing the process), and attempted a retry on the process, but that is not working.  Livecycle continues to use the invalid version of the process that does not specify the required parameter when I attempt a retry.


      So, my question is how can I update the "active" version of the upgraded process and retry the stalled process instances?