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    Native Menu behavior on Mac


      Why does the Mac add extra File, Edit and Window menu items to programs?


      To see an example run the example for using native windows found here




      You end up with

      ProgramName - File - Edit - Window - File - Edit


      instead of

      ProgramName - File - Edit


      In the example the last File and Edit are the menus for the program.

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          Joe ... Ward Level 4

          Those are the default menu items that you always get. The example should either replace the default submenus, or add the new commands to the existing submenus.

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            Hasan Otuome

            Here's an example of modifying the existing menu items and adding an additional menu item for OSX:



            // generate native menu for OSX

            if (NativeApplication.supportsMenu)


            nativeMenu = NativeApplication.nativeApplication.menu;

            fileMenu = nativeMenu.getItemAt( 1 );


            fileMenu.submenu = _generateFileMenu();

            editMenu = nativeMenu.getItemAt( 2 );


            editMenu.submenu = _generateEditMenu();

            exportMenu = nativeMenu.getItemAt( 3 );

            helpMenu = nativeMenu.addItem( new NativeMenuItem(HELP) );

            helpMenu.submenu = _generateHelpMenu();




            To modify the root menu item just get the item @ 0 since it's 0-based...