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    Multicast Voice Chat - Best Way To Handle (Multicast /w more than one broadcaster)


      Hello. Currently I am working on a multicast voice chat application. I am a bit new to the multicast scene and I could really use some help with how to go about the next stage of coding.


      The plan is to make an application that allows 5 (expandable later) users to connect to each other through stratus and communicate using voice chat streams. Right now, I have been able to accomplish a typical broadcaster to receiver application, but I am not sure what the best way to go about adding multiple broadcasters is.


      I can currently see two real choices. Assign each member in the group a number (or use the ID's) and then create an additional receiving stream for each member that connects, or create 5 differen't group specifiers basically making 5 different instances of the application with one broadcaster and 4 receivers.


      If anyone can help me think of a better way, that would be great.


      Also, is there a way to find out the total number of users in a group or to access their ID's?