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    Flash Player 10.1 hardware acceleration problems

    Dean Stringer

      Just to join the chorus of people having problems with this, we have a custom Flash based video player which is showing behaviour that resembles packet loss when playing back streaming media, ie blocks of empty green content on the frame.


      The thing is there is no packet loss. This happens in any browser running Flash 10.1, however in those same browsers if we turn hardware accelleration off in the Flash settings menu the problem goes away. All machines this is occuring on are running OS and GPU chipset combinations which are listed as being compatible with Flash 10.1 h/w accelleration.


      What I'd like to know from Adobe is, will someone be identifying why this is happening? e.g. is this simply a mis-match between GPU and Flash?

      Its difficult to imagine users with 10.1 installed being able or willing to either disable accelleration or even worse have to upgrade their video drivers?


      thanx in advance,

      Dean Stringer