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    Sequencer and Vsti


      Its wonderful to see Audition on my Mac

      but sadly I don't see the midi sequencer on the multi-track windows

      are we gonna have it on the final version. Thanks

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          Charles VW Adobe Employee

          With this version of Audition, we've tried to have a narrower focus on which types of customers to target.  The MIDI sequencer in previous versions of Audition often paled in comparison to what is out there in many other applications, so we haven't spent much time on it for this beta.  How do you use it in your particular workflow?  We're there things you particularly liked or disliked about it in previous versions of Audition?

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            Burnyno Level 1

            Well first Im a big fan of Adobe Software Im working with Premier Pro , After effect, Photoshop, Flash, etc. all those application are amazing tool for creation

            the only thing that Adobe missing is a real DAW like Pro-tools. and Audition was getting so close with the version 3 but what I see with this mac version is

            that you only want to have a restoring audio software I think that Adobe should do a real Music creation software like you did so nicely with Photoshop and the others I mean creation and for that Audition need to have Midi sequencers and the audio part editing to Create Music. Thanks.