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    FFT eq presets

    Audiofactory Level 1

      I made lots of FFT EQ presets in Audition 1.5 on PC. How can I use/load/transfer them for Audition for Mac??


      Where can I find the folder where Audition for Mac store them??



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          Ron_Day Adobe Employee

          With this re-write of Audtion we had to make many changes that could not translate between earlier versions of the application. Effects presets are an area where the translations must be done manually due to these changes made behind the scenes. This essentially means the only way to bring these presets over from earlier versions is to listen to the effects within the old and new versions of Audition and create the new presets manually (sorry).


          You can find all of the Audition preferences stored here:

          /Users/User Name/Library/Preferences/Adobe/Audition/4.0/


          Presets are stored in the file called "EffectsPresets.xml"