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    Re: Mjpeg AVI woes

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      Thanks for the link Colin. That codec pack worked perfectly! I'm becoming very aware of the sometimes instability of CS5. The Edit Bay I am working on (we have 4) is a reinstall - I had the error where whenever you adjusted the audio gain for a clip in the timeline PPro CS5 would crash, and this was on the latest update and with fully updated 64 bit drivers, and working with MPEG2 files and DV files in MXF wrappers (from a Panasonic P2 Camera) - still haven't figured that one out.


      Still considering what we had before (Matrox Media100 cards running Premiere 6.5) this is a major step up even with the issues. If I can get past this audio gain crash and the other one I am dealing with (PPro crashes during export using the Main Concept MPEG Encoder), I'll be in good shape.

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          JaysonM-Y Level 3

          I had the same problem but it was with an already converted DV MXF file. When I add a normalize gain, or any gain adjustment via right click/menu option for that matter, to the clip it would crash. LOL.

          Had to keyframe my adjustments... painful.