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    Midi Time Clock




      i have two questions is it sending midi time clock on mac version and where i can find it? Im still using audition 1.5 on my windows xp with grandMA lightning table only becouse it have this option. I realy want move to mac but cant find MTC in preferences.



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          Charles VW Adobe Employee

          Unfortunately MTC is not supported in this version of the Beta.  If we were to implement MTC again, what improvements would you suggest for that feature?

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            vjnikon Level 1

            i would realy like to have master and slave mtc option were slave mac does not stop playing after master disconects crash or something like that and sends its own mtc. it should be some on off option in preferences, where i could chose if i want standard master/slave or the one i need atm


            i work with lightning lasers visuals and pyrotechnik and alot of shows is totaly synchronized by audition 1.5 with mtc it works but its on windows (need more mac's on foh ) so alot of times im scared it can crash this option could be a nice backup plan i could connect one or more slaves with same sound cards that plays same audio and is sending mtc.

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              vjnikon Level 1

              one more thing i can add only one video file in timeline it is realy anoying i know its audio software not video software but it could change alot for me and few other lightning designers