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    Flex - front-end

    oscar7878 Level 1

      I'm Flash/Flex developer.
      I've been using Flex and AMPPHP for accessing a mysql database from Flex. The process is so clear and works fine. Some times i got recomecall.failed but i'm not sure if it is because my internet connectio or amfphp.

      Last week, I migrated a Flash / FMS IM to Flash / Red5. It works perfect. I had to translate my actionscript server side of FMS to java..... after that everything was nice. I didn't need to modify my flash client.

      My question is:
      What do you thing.... it is better to continue using flex - amfphp or develop new projects using flex - red5, basicaly for connecting to a database.
      AMFphp is so easy to use but the persistent connetion of red5 could make easy to develop data-driven applications.

      Please post any ideas.