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    3d max tutorials

    Aquilonian-zs31uW Level 1
      Hi, i dont know if i should ask this here or in the 3d forum but...anyway, ,im looking for tutorials for 3d max, however, they got to be VERY BASIC ones, 3d max is such a big program and i dont want to spend all the rest of my life learning it.I mean, i've just had taken a look at his user interface, there are so many things to learn its depressing
      And also, my only goal is to make content to use with Director.Do you know any good tutorials on that too?
      Also, there is even a single site devoted only to the use of 3d max with director?
      The tutes that comes with 3d max...pfff.They assume you already know 70% of things, for a beginner they are a waste of time