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    exiting DW problem

    Igor9 Level 1
      Using DW 8, I always open files by opening DW and then opening the file from w/in DW. So, using Windows XP SP2, I do not open files in DW by clicking on a file in MS Explorer, for example. Sometimes when I shut down DW (using the X) and then later reopen it I have this problem: I work on a file and then cannot save it. I click on Save and nothing happens. Same thing with Save As. I can keep working -- DW does not hang -- but, of course, I would need to be able to save my work. Investigating this, I discovered that the problem involves more than one DW process running -- according to Windows Task Mgr. Even using Task Mgr I cannot kill the DW processes -- I have to reboot.

      I have seen a similar problem raised in the forum about 18 months ago, with no answer. Any ideas? Thanks.