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    JS - Object Error - Error no: 30476 in "EvenListener" Script

    Adobe-InDesign CS4 Level 1

      Dear Jongware / Harbs / Kasyan Servetsky / Peter Kahrel / tomaxxi


      I created the EventListener for "before Print", Its working fine, but some times its shows the below attached Error.

      I already post this issue....


      "Error #:30476

      Error String : The requested action could not be completed because the object no longer exist."



      I used 3 scripts for "EvenListener"

      (1) Main Script [before print]

      (2) EventListener On

      (3) EventListener  Off


      I placed the scripts in the below path

      C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\Startup Scripts CS4\Adobe InDesign\


      I'm unable to find and solve this problem, Some times its working fine and some time its not working.


      But this is not affected my hole project, while creating the  ".ps" then before its showing the Error.

      I checked so many ways and source code also, but I'm unable to solve this problem.


      Please any one can suggest or give me the solutions.


      Thanks  in advance



      T.R.Harihara SudhaN