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    Imported Videos Not Playing


      I have the trial version of APE for OS X (10.5.8)


      I cannot get video that has been imported into the app to play.


      I imported, by dragging, a number of video files with the extension .mp4. The files came from a Sanyo camcorder.


      The clips appear in the app with a watermark across them.


      Clicking on any clip opens it in its own window. Clicking on the play button does nothing.


      Also clicking the play button in the main window does not play the video in the monitor window, not does it play the clips put together in timeline.


      I searched around and found this reference to a problem with the trial version. Accordingly I updated the framework folder by replacing it with the newly downloaded folder but that appears not to have solved the problem.


      Any suggestions as to the source of the problem and how to fix it?



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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          A watermark appears over video that needs to be rendered, in the trial version. That's its main limitation. There will be no watermark in the purchased version.


          If you are seeing a watermark, it means that your video can not be edited natively in Premiere Elements. In version 9, there are a number of video sources that can be edited natively, however you must select the correct project preset.


          When you begin a new project, click the Settings button to open the project presets. There are a number for DSLRs (video from still cameras). However, I don't know that there is one specifically for that Sanyo camera. You haven't given us enough information about the model for us to say.


          When you have the correct project settings applied, when you place your video clips on the timeline there will not be a red line above the clips (as you're seeing now). If none of the settings work, then this camera does not produce video that can be edited natively.


          In the full version of the program, you will be able to work with this video -- but only if you continually render it, which can be a pain. But, as I said, we can advise you further when we know more about the model of camcorder you're using and what format it saves your video us. (MP4 is, unfortunately, not specific enough.)

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            dorich24 Level 1

            Steve, thanks for the helpful feedback.


            Hopefully you can help me with a couple of related questions:


            1. More information


            1. The camcorder model is a SANYO VPC-C6B.
            2. I don't see a red line above the video clips



            I've very limited experience in editing video so I'm not sure what the term "rendering' means in this case. Is there an explanation you can point me to in the documentation.

            I created a new project and clicked the settings button, the most appropriate setting I could see was standard video from a flash based device but when I tried that setting the clips still did not play. Should I assume that the clips will not play without rendering and hence I can't try the software unless I can get video from another source?



            Thanks again for your help, very much appreciated.

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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              The Sanyo Xacti is a pocket camcorder, and its video file format may not be compatible with Premiere Elements. (The Flip camcorder produced a similar MP4 format but used its own codec (compression) system, and it too was imcompatible with Premiere Elements until Adobe created a special project setting in version 9 that works with this codec.)


              I'm sorry, but I don't know enough about this camcorder about the types of files it creates. It may not work -- or there may be a way to make it work in this program that I don't know about.


              Meantime, was there any software that came with the camcorder that you can install on your computer? It may supply the missing codecs.


              Otherwise, we'll have to wait until someone who has worked with that format on a Mac chimes in with some suggestions.

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                dorich24 Level 1



                Thanks for the additional feedback.


                Regarding the software - its all Windows so no help there.


                Your comments did make me wonder about converting the files to a format that would be readable by PE.


                The obvious solution I thought would be to make them Quicktime files but when I look at the "presets" in PE I don't see any way for the uninformed to set a preset that would match a Quicktime file. In my ignorance I'm expecting that there will be a selection that identifies a .MOV file or H.264(apple flavor).  Looking around this forum I see discussion on Codecs and Wrappers but then look at the presets in PE and they refer to


                Change Settings-3.jpg


                Which does not seem to tie into defining whether its a quicktime format.


                So I guess this leaves me with the question – is there a way to identify a file format that PE could use and I could convert to?


                Thanks again for your help.

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                  Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                  There is a program called G Spot that will analyze your file and list its codecs. You can download it here.



                  But, as I said, there's still no guarantee Premiere Elements will be able to work with that particular file.


                  MOVs, like AVIs, are just containers, and can use any of hundreds of possible codecs. So simply having an AVI or an MOV does not necessarily mean you have a compatible file.


                  Premiere Elements can work with AVCHD footage, which is a form of H.264/MP4 video -- but it can not work with MP4 video universally.

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                    dorich24 Level 1

                    Steve:  Thanks.



                    Just a couple of points to add in case anyone else finds this thread useful.


                    The application G Spot is, as far as I can tell a Windows only app.


                    As far as I can find there is no equivalent for the mac. However, there is an application called Mediainfo that appears to have the ability to analyze files and provide some information about the file. At the moment I don't know enough to know how useful this is.




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                      the_wine_snob Level 9

                      Yes, unfortunately, G-Spot is Win-only, but there is a great, similar utility, MediaInfo, that has both Mac and PC versions. It is quite good, plus there are probably others for the Mac. On my PC, I use Apple's QT Pro, and with Ctrl+J, I get most of the properties, though not as many, as with my G-Spot, or MediaInfo.


                      Good luck and happy editing,



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                        the_wine_snob Level 9

                        This ARTICLE goes into more detail on AV files, and might prove useful too.


                        Good luck,



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                          dorich24 Level 1



                          Thanks for the additional information.


                          One thing that puzzles me with the Codec issue is that the files that will not play in the video editing software (PE) WILL play in the organizer.

                          Within the editor its clear that the files are recognized in some way because I can drag the playhead over them and scroll through (by dragging the playhead) showing all the different scenes without any problems.

                          I could understand if I couldn't edit the clip but it seems strange that it won't play in the editor but it will in the organizer.


                          Any additional thoughts would be welcome.



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                            the_wine_snob Level 9

                            Not sure if it applies here, but there is a difference between simple "players" and playback from the Timeline. Organizer, and the Source Monitor (plus WMP, VLC, MediaPlayer Classic, etc.) are simple players, where playback from the Timeline is much more involved, and requires a complete decoding of the CODEC used.


                            If your Clips have a red line above them, in the Timeline, then hit the Enter key to Render those - line turns green, and playback will then be from an AVI file, that PrE creates, when one Renders.


                            Good luck,



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                              dorich24 Level 1

                              Bill: Thanks.



                              One more question if I may.


                              I thought of a "standardized" test that ought to work.


                              Given that I have OS X version of software I would expect that if I created a quicktime movie within OS X that it should play.

                              I'm not sure that you could get any more fundamental than that.


                              However, I have quicktime movies that were created from Keynote and I get the same response from them.

                              Import them through the media icon and they appear in the application but hitting the space bar produces no response.


                              I selected one quicktime movie made from Keynote and clicked on the quick movie icon. The movie was supposedly rendered. A green line appeared above the movie clip but hitting the space bar or the play button produces no response.


                              Since this is a OS X environment it would seem reasonable to expect that a quicktime movie made within  the environment would run on an application that is designed for the mac.


                              This suggests that I'm doing something fundamentally wrong, the most likely solution, or that the application isn't that mac friendly.


                              Any comments welcome.



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                                the_wine_snob Level 9

                                I am unfamiliar with Keynote, so do not know what CODEC it might use, inside the MOV "wrapper." My first task would be to find out what Keynote is doing exactly. As a "PC for instance," I use a lot of MOV files with the Animation CODEC, from 3D animators, and they play wonderfully on my PC's. However, I often get other MOV files with some Mac-only CODEC's, and these will not play at all.


                                When you get to Mac-specific questions, I have to bow out, as I know almost nothing about Mac's, and cannot help - just an "old PC guy."


                                Good luck,



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                                  dorich24 Level 1

                                  the_wine_snob wrote:


                                  ..... - just an "old PC guy."


                                  Good luck,




                                  Dare I edit this and suggest its more like


                                  "Sage PC guy"



                                  Thanks for your help.

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                                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                                    Thanks for the kind words, but I think you might be giving me more credit, than I deserve.


                                    I try to read all Mac-centric threads, so I can learn more about them, especially with regards to Adobe NLE programs, so I can offer a bit more help - and learn something new!


                                    Good luck,



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                                      Hi Dorich,


                                      Well to start off, i don't know if this should be said but Adobe applications have a unique way of working on the Mac OS. If the application doesnot work correctly then you should probably try logging in as administrator. Launch the application over there and report back with results.



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                                        dorich24 Level 1

                                        I can confirm that this is the solution to the problem.


                                        The guidence came from Adobe's technical support:


                                        I simply logged out of the user account.

                                        Logged into the Admin account.

                                        Launched Premier.

                                        Dragged in a video file

                                        It immediately played.


                                        Logged out of the admin

                                        Logged back into the user account

                                        Ran Premier and it played video's as expected.


                                        Note, in order to get technical support I had to purchase the application. There is no support, other than these forums, for trial versions. The standard line I was given from someone at technical support when I called about the trial version was "There is no technical support for the trial version. We don't guarantee that the trial version will work"


                                        Not perhaps the best way to promote a product.

                                        Not providing technical support on trial versions for features and learning is one thing but when the product won't work at all at the trial version you have the potential of lost sales.

                                        Most applications I install under 10.5.8, and before, will not present a problem when installed at the user level and so I would consider this an obscure problem that Adobe should either highlight or provide technical support to potential customers.

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                                          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                                          Actually, there is installation support for trials, which you can find here.