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    Editing Scene Selection Buttons


      I am trying to create a Disc Menu in Premiere Elements 9 but I can't seem to edit the buttons for the scene selections. 


      The basic problem is that the titles for my scenes are a little long so it looks sloppy underneath the video image.  Really, if it would allow me to center the text underneath the video image that appears, that would solve my problem.  If that's not possible, just removing the video image could work as well.  Is there any way to edit these buttons other than just font, size, and color?


      Also, whenever I try to change the font for the "Play All" and "Scene Selection" button on the main page, the text disappears.  Am I doing something wrong?

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Unfortunately, you can not change the alignment of text on a disc menu without opening up the template itself and manually changing it.You can only change the font, style and color for each block of text.


          I don't know why you can't edit the Play All and Scene Selection buttons. You should be able to . At least on most disc menu templates. You may have applied a disc menu template that's the exception -- quite possibly because the text block is locked or is a graphic rather than true text.