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    Video playback questions


      Hi. I'm very new to Flash catalyst and am making a simple website. For my intro/splash page I've got a 5 mb F4V video that I made in in After Effects. This video autoplays when the site loads and fades out into the first real page. I'm having two problems --

      1. There's what appears to be a loading bar or perhaps a video player frame that appears briefly before the video begins autoplaying. I tried making the F4V much smaller (around 600k) but I still see the same bar for the same amount of time (a fraction of a second).

      2. The video resets to the first frame and stops before fading out. I want it to fade as it is ending or at least freeze on the final frame before fading out. I do not have the video set to loop, only to autoplay. I probably am misunderstanding how to use the timeline but am not sure how to correct this.


      Thanks for any help and for not saying -- did you search the site for this?? I can't figure out how to limit a search to the flash catalyst forum. But that's a question for another post.

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          Tsvetan Stoykov Level 1



          1. I think that you can't remove the loading bar and this is something like embedded preloader in Catalyst. I get it on every Catalyst project that I make.


          2. I'm not sure that I understand your question completely, but if your problem is that the video doesn't fade into the next state, this is my possible solution - If you make the auto start with the "on application start" command and set it to go to, let say, state 1 and play the video. try to make it to play the video on state 1 first, and then add go to frame 2 command.


          Good luck!

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            Peter Flynn (Adobe) Adobe Employee

            1. That initial progress bar is what's called a "preloader."  It's much trickier to edit than the rest of your application's appearance, because it's displayed before most of the frameworks Catalyst relies on have been loaded.  If you're comfortable using Flash Pro and/or doing a little bit of programming, here are a few tutorials on creating a custom preloader:



            2. How are you triggering the fade-out today?  Is it in response to On Application Start, or On Video Play Complete... or some other event?


            Re the first frame reappearing at the end: that might be in the video itself (some encoders put weird content on the very last frame).  You could check this by creating a quick test project in Catalyst that just puts the video in a normal video player, and then run the project and drag the scrub bar to the very end to see what the last frame looks like...


            - Peter

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              denials Level 1

              1. A pre-loader. I understand, thanks. It is so quick that it definitely looks like a mistake, so if I have time perhaps I will try to customize it.


              2. The fade is acheived through "On video play complete --> play transition to." Then in the timeline I have the video player fade out.

              I tried a test project as you suggested and there is no errant first frame appearing at the end of the video. However, the test project also resets to the first frame when it is finished playing. I'm guessing the solution then is to have the video player rest on the last frame rather than resetting to the beginning of the video. I don't know how to accomplish this. I tried adding the interactions "Stop video" and "pause video" neither of which force the video to pause on the final frame before fading out. Anyone?




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                Peter Flynn (Adobe) Adobe Employee

                Hey Daniel,


                The "return to first frame" behavior you're seeing is controlled by a property called autoRewind.  You can't set this in Catalyst CS5, but if you bring the project into Flash Builder you could set it there in code.


                However, if you want the video to fade out while it's still in motion, that won't even come into play since the video will be invisible by the time it reaches the end.  Instead of beginning the fade-out On Video Play Complete, try this:

                1. Deselect everything
                2. You'll notice that the Interactions panel now says "Application" instead of "no selection"
                3. Click Add Interaction, and you'll seeOn Application Start as an option
                4. Use this to trigger your state transition
                5. Select the Fade Out effect for the video
                6. In the Properties panel, change Delay to just shorter than the length of the video.  E.g., if you know the video is 8 sec long and your Fade Out lasts for one second, start the Fade Out at 7 sec.


                Hope that helps,


                - Peter

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                  denials Level 1

                  Thanks for this. I'm satisfied with making the video hold slightly longer on the last frame and using a delay on the fade out. When I get the site up I'll post the link in case anyone's interested.