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    Flash Catalyst Error


      When i try to improt a .psd into catalyst i keep getting the same error

      'Import warnings:
          Skewed items are not supported in Flash Catalyst and may look incorrect."
      after this i click ok then the screen comes up white a will not show anything at all.

      I would appricate some help.



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          Eric Lopatin (Adobe)

          Hi RMelnikas,


          Thanks for your note. Text and layers that have skew or warp transforms applied to them in Photoshop are not supported by Catalyst's default Photoshop import settings.


          Please try to import the file again, but in the Import Options dialog choose "Flatten" from the Image, Shape, and/or Text layers pop-up menus – depending on which layer(s) or object(s) in your Photoshop file has a skew applied to it. By choosing Flatten, content in corresponding layers will be brought in as a single bitmap per-layer with opacity settings preserved.



          Hope this helps,



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