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    Can't import swf file into QuarkXpress 8.12


      Hello everyone,


      I'm using QuarkXpress v 8.12 | Apple iMac Intel Core 2  Duo, 64 bit |  Flash Player


      When I tried to import a swf file into a picture box in Quark it freezes the program and then I have to force quit the application and restart. I've been onto Quark's forum already with this issue and the advice is to uninstall Flash 10.1 and go back to v10 that came with the Quark DVD.This is the advice given:


      This FLash player consists out of two files, flashplayer.xpt and  Flash Player.plugin. However it is much cleaner to uninstall by using  the Flash Uninstaller Adobe provides on their web page.


      However, it's not made clear where these xpt and plugin files reside. Are they inside the Library>Internet Plug-ins? Quark's forum then goes on to say that there is ANOTHER standalone Flash Player programe that previews Flash files out of QuarkXpress and I did manage to open up the swf flie without trouble and saw the interactiveness within it. (I didn't create the swf file and don't know its provenance, it came with a tutorial).


      Inside of Quark's Extensions, there's a folder called ForIneractive that contains a Flash Player, when I clicked on it to get info it says it's v10.0 r22. Is this the standalone programe that previews flash files out of QuarkXpress and has nothing to do with the problem of my swf files not importing? To add confusion, when I visited Adobe Flash's troubleshoot site, it detects the Flash Player I have on my system as So I'm totally puzzled as to what's what (version wise)! I've tried spotlight and it leads back only to the QuarkXpress ForInterActive folder and the Library for the plugin.


      The main question is, if I uninstall with the Adobe Flash Uninstaller, how do I know that I'm uninstalling the right components? Any other advice to fix this?


      Thanks a million