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    Attaching dynamic MovieClips to another movieclips on the stage

    ajayscript Level 1
      Hi, Guys

      Hope you doing well, i m in critical situation regarding attching dynamic movieclips to different movieclips on the stage.
      I am using xml as external file to load dynamic images on the stage in diffrent dynamic movieclips ; and i have 10 label boxes (is also static movieclips) on the stage which are dragable and resizable , what i have to do is , move any images on the stage and place it in the any label boxes on the stage and when i move the label all images which placed inside label boxes should move with the label. There is lots of images and right now i have only 10 label boxes movieclips , so any images is attached to any labels and after moving label all images inside the lable should have move with that label box.

      So please help me , i f u have any solutions , examples or anything which make me feel relax .