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    Font is too small when compiling webhelp


      I really hope someone can help as this is bugging me!!


      recently upgraded from RH7 to RH8 and everytime I compile my help into Webhelp the font is really small - far too small to be able to read easily.


      I have checked everything that i know of regarding the output settings to see if there is something that can be causing this but to no avail. Compiling as a CHM looks fine by the way.


      I still have RH7 installed and i am trying to compare settings but I cannot find anything differnet really between the 2 (RH7 compiles fine in Webhelp format)


      I have copied the compiled help and viewed it on other computers just to make sure that it is not just something i see but it still looks the same.


      So far not been impressed with RH8 and am wondering why i bothered upgrading - especially as for some stupid reason when converting the help all my conditional text formatting got screwed up whereby it has placed rogue spacing before and after any conditional text. I now have the dull task of going over all my topics to delete the spaces!!