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    OSMF 1.5 RTE


      I'm trying to upgrade my AS3 only application from OSMF 1.0 -> 1.5 but I'm getting the following RTE:


      VerifyError: Error #1053: Illegal override of defaultFactory in mx.styles.CSSMergedStyleDeclaration.


      I've taken a look at my settings and it seems to be right but theres a good chance I'm missing something...Theres also a chance that its something unrelated to OSMF but I figured I'd post here in case it wasn't...I have:


      -define CONFIG::LOGGING true

      -define CONFIG::FLASH_10_1 true


      Building against the 4.1.0 SDK.

      Building for the 10.1.0 Flash Player

      I also had to set the "static-link-runtime-shared-libraries" property to "true" in my flex-config file to remove the following warning:

      This compilation unit did not have a factoryClass specified