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    SOLUTION for "corrupt file/directory" unable to install FLASH

    Old Greywoolf

      How many of you have run into trouble trying to install or update Flash Player and got the message about a corrupt file/folder at "C:/windows/system32/macromedia/flash"?  If you are like me, when you got it you first tried to install again.  Didn't work.  Then you went thru the troubleshooting steps listed online (i.e.  uninstall, manually install, run Flash uninstall tool, etc.).  Nothing worked, right?  Yeah me too!

      Then you got really mad and tried to delete that nasty "Flash" folder/directory.  And like me you found out that the system won't let you.  Like me, you probably wasted some time trying to bootstrap the file permissions to allow you to delete it, and, unless your one of Microsoft's senior techs and know the mythical secret "God Level" access permission code, you too failed!

      Then brilliance struck (which happens about as often as that second lightning visit!)!  Here is the solution and it's rediculously simple:  rename the file!! 

      Doesn't matter to what, just change it and ignore it;  so will the Flash Player installer!  Go download and install the player and it will recreate that directory all nice and shiny and new and, most importantly, UN-CORRUPTED! 

      I thank you!

      Olde Greywoolf