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    Extra blank lines in code

    willr12 Level 1

      I'm using contribute CS5 with CFM(ColdFusion) extention pages.

      Everything seems to work well when I publish the changes to the webpage, but when I look at the code afterward I can see that there are extra blank lines added in the code. Everytime I make a change and publish anothe blank line gets added in between the other line, and they keep on accumulating until I have 20 or 30 empty lines.

      Is there a setting or something I can do to stop this form happening?

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          TributaryLLC Level 1

          Unfortunately I am not replying with a solution, but am experiencing the same problem. When I open a webpage in Contribute CS5 for editing, blank lines on the page become 2 blank lines on the page, than 3 the next time....you get the point. I've seen a couple forums regarding this but none have a good straightforward answer or a solution, I'm sure people have submitted tix regarding this, but could we get a forum answer please?

          Thank you!

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            Dominic Michael Adobe Employee

            This issue might be because of the Paragraph Spacing setting in the Role Setting.

            1) Administer the site in Contribute.

            2) Select the Role and click Edit Role Settings...

            3)  In the Edit Role Settings dialog (mentioned below), choose "Two lines,  as in web page editors (uses standard <P> tags)" option under  Paragraph spacing in the Editing category.

            4) Save settings and try the same edit and publish scenario again.


            Hope this helps you.

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              TributaryLLC Level 1

              That was very helpful in fact, i've also been trying to insert an HTML snippet too, it says that may cause interference with other settings, what kind of problems might there be if i check allow ? Thank you for reply.

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                Dominic Michael Adobe Employee

                Consider the example, where the Administrator had set some image restriction on inserting image of size more that 80 KB.  Then by enabling this option you can insert images of more size through HTML Snippet. So indirectly image restriction setting is overridden. Thats why the message "Enabling this option may override other Administrator settings"is passed.