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    Customization Wizard Issues


      We have an issue with Adobe Reader when we use the Customization Wizard 9 to create our transforms for deployment. After creating the transforms and install Reader none of the MS Office Application embedding works. We cannot insert an Adobe PDF nor can we open a PDF in any MS Office 2007 Application. It gives me an error telling me that the application is not installed.

      If I install without using the Customization Wizard these features work just fine. I have done a registry comparison between the two installs and the differences are significant after weeding out my customs. I inserted the missing registry keys into the transform (primarily AcroExch entries) and the issue is still there. I suspect that there are also files missing from this install as well.

      I can work around the need of the Customization Wizard but have several changes such as disabling updates that I would like to incorporate into the install package.

      Please help!


      Corey Owen