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    LC designer ES 8.2 - View differences/edits to PDF form

    Oblivia DeHaviland

      I've created a lengthy, complex research form with many subforms which are hidden until selected in a check box list (if applicable).  After an applicant completes the form, it is viewed by reviewers who make suggestions and ask for clarifications and the form is returned to the applicant for edits.  Applicants are providing a great deal of information.  The applicant returns the revised form to reviewers.   This process can go on multiple times.  The document is often 20 pages long or more.  My problem is that a reviewer wants to be able to view readily just the changes/edits that were made.  In MS Word, they have track changes.  What can I do to the LiveCycle form to make edits apparent?  Any ideas? This revision process goes back and forth half a dozen times.