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    Hybrid Tool ?

    glb1232 Level 1

      First of all, let me say that it is fantastic to have Audition on the Mac. I have been using Audition on a PC at a radio station that I volunteer at, and I have been looking for equivalent software for my home Mac for a long time. It looks like I have found it!


      I notice that the Hybrid Tool is not in this release. I use this tool all the time, and would like to see it on the Mac version.

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          Ron Day - Audition QE Level 1

          Thanks for the feedback.


          The Hybrid Tool is not included in this release of Audition. Instead, we have made the other tools easier to use for many different operations.

          You will notice that regardless of which tool you have selected, you can always left click and drag from the clip header to move the clip. This is different from Audition 3 which only allowed for a right click and drag to move the clips using the Hybrid Tool.


          For those of you that were used to the right click and drag behavior of the Hybrid Tool, we suggest that you use the Time Selection tool. We made it so that left click and drag with this tool makes a time selection, but right click and drag will move the clip just like the Hybrid Tool did in previous versions. You can also right click and drag on the clip headers using any tool to see options such as move or create copies of that clip.


          Let us know how this works for you and if you think we missed any operations you used the Hybrid Tool for in the past, please let us know.




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            glb1232 Level 1

            Thanks for the quick response. You are correct in that the implementation in this version is even better than on the PC. The ability to move the audio while any tool is selected is perfect. There is absolutely no need for a separate hybrid tool.