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    Ideal Codec/Format for Complicated Project

    Jhvegas Level 1

      Hello again,


      Just moved to CS5 Prod/Prem from CS4 - and am finally jumping off the Matrox bandwagon (been there since Rtx10).


      Question: My projects are made from various footage mailed in from (literally) all over the world. I get NTSC/PAL, vhs, MiniDV, DVD, and now am getting quite a bit of HD stuff.


      I've started doing the projects in 1440x1080i to accommodate the HD source, and give more creative options/future-proof/etc.


      In the past, I would bring all the footage into AME and batch convert it to the relevant Matrox codecs. Now, I don't know what to use! Final output will be BluRay (for presentation) and DVD (for duplication).


      My rig: i7920, 12gb ram, Win764, GeForce GTX260. 1tb source drive, 1tb output drive, 1tb system drive


      I'm just looking for the best codec/video format to conform all the files to for a smooth running project.


      Thanks in advance!