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    Problem with desaturation when opened in ACR


      When I open a .jpg image as camera raw (v., then immediately save that image as a .jpg (quality 12) from CS5 (v. 12.0.1x32) without any edits (but as a different file name), the newly saved .jpg is significantly desaturated in color when compared with the original.  This does not occur if I open the .jpg without going through ACR and then immediately save (as a new file name) without any edits.


      In puzzling over this, I've also noticed that when I open a .jpg in CS5 as a camera raw, then immediately open the same .jpg without going through camera raw and compare them side-by-side, there are significant differences between the two histograms.


      What in the world am I doing wrong?  Since it only happens when I open a .jpg as camera raw, and not in CS5 apart from ACR, I'm guessing that it has to be something in ACR.  However, I have not yet been able to find a problem with the settings in ACR, and no changes I have made in ACR seem to affect the outcome.


      Any ideas what I'm doing wrong, or where I might go looking?


      Thanks in advance...