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    My new Premiere Elements 9 doesn't work, however 8 is working fine.


      I was shipped a free PE9 from Adobe because my PE8 purchase was so close to the new release date -Thanks Adobe! However, I have spent about the past 7 hours trying to get PE9 to work, (removing my spyware, removing PE8, cleaning my temporary files, installing the software with a new user account, checking for new driver updates, etc.). -and multiple removals and reinstalls of PE9.


      My symptoms are: I can load the PE9 software on to the computer and click on the desktop icon and get the Premiere Elements menu box for "Organize"--"Start a new project"-- and "Open a project". I can get into "Organize" but that's it. When I click on "Start a new project" or "Open a project", the whole PE9 menu box just disappears! When I'm in the "Organize" screen and go to "edit in Premiere Elements", nothing happens.


      I decided to again load my old PE8 to see what would happen. It installed quickly and worked great! Could this be anything else than a bad software disk? Are PE8 and PE9 so different that one would work and the other one wouldn't?


      I've got a 1 month old ASUS cg 1330

      with an AMD phenom II x6 1035T 2.60ghz processor

      64 bit, 8 gig, 1 terabyte




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          nealeh Level 5

          As it's a fairly new machine your drivers will be out of date (because manufacturers prepare their master hard disk template months before shipping). So work through these basics and see if that gives you any improvement:


          • Install all Windows Updates.

          • Install latest version of Apple QuickTime (v7.6.8 at time of writing). Even if you don't use QuickTime, PRE relies heavily on it.

          • Install most recent graphics and sound drivers from the manufacturers web sites.
          • Run Disk Cleanup.
          • Run Defragmenter.
          • Temporarily disable any anti-virus realtime scanning.


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