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    Insert into MultiTrack Session shortcut? Control-M, my favorite, MIA!!!

    AlaskaJaxx Level 1

      This is easily, since the Syntrillium days...my most used shortcut. Moving edited cuts from "Edit" view to the MultiTrack.  I've searched through all of the shortcuts and can't find it anywhere...in order to assign it any kind of shortcut.  Has anyone else located this necessary shortcut:)


      Other than that...the limited time I've had to play with it this morning (I edit three morning shows for syndication in radio), it's AWESOME!!!! I switched to Macs completely since starting my own business 3 years ago...and this is the ONLY program I've needed a Windows partition on my Mac Pro...it's absolutely unequaled by ANY software for efficient waveform editing (I'm bias though...with over 10 years on the software:)).  I've also switched recently from FCP to Premier Pro...and couldn't be happier.  Switching from operating systems just to transfer an easy MP3 has been time consuming to say the least. Thanks Adobe!!! Much appreciated and fantastic job on Audition!!!! (I had my engineer send a company wide email through our IT department to let others know:))