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    xgman Level 1

      Can someone explain to me (I might have missed something?) why the VST and AU plugins are not shown under the Effects->VST etc menu?  I have used the plugin manager to scan everything and bypassed any plugins that had incompatibilities, yet nothing is in the lists.  Is this just in the Beta?  maybe I missed that note.  if this is the case will the blacklist transfer over from the beta to the final?  Thanks.

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          _durin_ Adobe Employee

          After the scan completed, did you enable the plug-ins you wished to use?  You can click the ENABLE ALL button to turn on all

          working plug-ins, or pick and choose individual effects if you'd prefer.

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            xgman Level 1

            I have to double check the end of the list. All I saw in the list initially were the disabled ones that had crashed listed from top to bottom. I'll look again.

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              xgman Level 1

              They now do show up in the list.  I check each one individually just to be safe.  Still the crash on each blacklist to get started if you have a huge number of plugins is very tedius.

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                Scott Carver

                It's most definitely tedious - part of the reason we made plugin scanning a voluntary operation in the Plugin Manager is because we were all sick of our favorite DAW's trying to scan everything at launch (which was inevitably a nightmare). We'd like to get our compatability with third party VST's as good as possible, so it would be helpful if you could post a list of VST's that crashed for you, either during scan or when actually launched them. It's possible to fix some of these things, but only if we know which plugs are problematic. Malfunctioning AU's too, though it's seeming like AU plugins don't have nearly the instability problems that VST's often do.


                Scott C

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                  xgman Level 1

                  The tedious part us having to rescan during each crash. Will the blacklist survive the beta to final upgrade?

                  Anyway, the biggest offender are T-racks plugins, all of the Amplitube products except version 3, Lowender, one of the psp plugins and a few random others.  Alot of the virtual instrument/midi plugins really have no use in audition but they are on the list so they get scanned. I do agree about the way you are not scanning at startup. It is just that the crash outs should be handled differently when using the scanner.

                  Adobe premier elements 9 had a problem like this with startup plugin scans to the point where you can not use any if there are some offenders in the list and does no blacklist, so you are on the right track in audition,

                  Any idea why it takes so long to open mp3'3 I'm audition Mac? I have a Mac pro 6 core with 24 gigs of ram and it still seems unusually long scanning mp3's. Anyway, thanks for the support and the beta access!

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                    Charles VW Adobe Employee

                    xgman wrote:


                    Any idea why it takes so long to open mp3'3 I'm audition Mac? I have a Mac pro 6 core with 24 gigs of ram and it still seems unusually long scanning mp3's. Anyway, thanks for the support and the beta access!


                    This is probably best answered in a different thread, but one of the reasons why it takes long is that we "conform" the audio to something that can be read from and written to very quickly.  The uncompressed audio from the MP3 goes into an uncompressed tempfile until you save it as a different format.  This allows us to maintain sample accuracy when editing.  That being said, we're still working on improving the performance of opening MP3s, so that part isn't finalized yet.

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                      Scott Carver Level 1

                      Got it -

                      • T-racks
                      • pre-3.0 Amplitube (we've definitely noticed that older versions of the Amplitube plugs are pretty touchy, but 3.0 seems to be just fine)
                      • Lowender
                      • a PSP plugin?
                      • others?


                      Regarding blacklists - plugins that you blacklist now should be retained from here on out. Plugins that are blacklisted because they crashed on scan are stored in ~/Library/Preferences/Adobe/Audition/4.0/DynamicAudioPluginBlacklist.xml

                      Audition has it's own list of naughty plugins that we blacklist also, so some of these problematic ones will end up on that list if they continue to behave badly in ways that we can't fix. This testing and feedback from you folks is going to be instrumental in fixing problems, and blacklisting the ne'r-do-wells so that in the final shipping version, scanning won't be nearly as frustrating.


                      Scott C

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                        Stefan Wiegand Adobe Employee

                        Which version of T-RackS are you using?

                        Version 3.1.2 works fine for me, while 3.1.1 cannot be loaded due to library conflicts (will crash the app on load).



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                          xgman Level 1

                          3.1.1. I'll try 3.1.2. Thanks.


                          By the way, why doesn't someone fix this forum so we can post using the iphone?  It doesn't work there. You can't tyoe in the reply box.

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                            xgman Level 1

                            That was:

                            PSPAudioware Master Comp

                            ReFuse Software Lowender

                            WaveShell VST 7.1

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                              Matt_Stegner Adobe Employee

                              There is known issues with older versions of some IK multimedia plug-ins.  Please update any IK Plug-ins that are causing problems on your system to the newest version.


                              I have tested with the Waves 7.1 plug-in extensively, and have not had any long term issues with them.  This plug can take a while to scan in which time the application can appear unresponsive.  Please let it finish its scan before force quitting.

                              I have documented a crash with the "Lowender" plug in on scan.

                              I have no problem using PSP Master Comp version 1.5.4.



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                                xgman Level 1

                                Waves plugins seem to work fine, it juts crashes whnen scanning waveshell AU 7.1 for some reason.  Right now the older amplitube plugins seem to be the worst offenders.  Everything before amplitibe 3.

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                                  Matt_Stegner Adobe Employee

                                  Does every body that are experiencing a lot of crashes on plug-in scanning have their ilok dongles plugged in when scanning?  Can you tell a difference between scanning with it plugged in and not plugged in.


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                                    xgman Level 1

                                    I don't use ilock. In any case, once the plugin scan is done and set, load times seems very fast.

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                                      xgman Level 1


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                                        Matt_Stegner Adobe Employee

                                        Amplitube and many of the IK Multimedia plug-ins have a known issue.  Updating to new versions fixes this, but there is nothing that can be done on our end to stop legacy versions of thier effect from crashing Audition during the effects scan.

                                        As I stated earlier, there is a issue with iLok protected VST's crashing if you do not have the iLok plugged in during scan.  This issues is out of our control, but the workaround is to simply plug in your iLok during the effects scan.


                                        Please describe what you mean by "I don't use ilock.".  Are you using Waves v7 plug-ins?


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                                          I am having issues with my Isotope RX2 VST's. In the plugin manager they are listed as [Not Working].


                                          They are:





                                          Hum Removal

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                                            Matt_Stegner Adobe Employee


                                            Do you have those plug-ins authorized via ilok or the native authorization?


                                            Please try pressing the "Reload" button next to the effect name in the Audio Plug-in Manager.  If you are using iLok please plug it in before scanning.

                                            Let me know if this helps, if not we will need to investigate more.


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                                              After a a fresh install with all associated files purged, I have no difficulty with RX 2 plugins. They perform normally.


                                              My difficulties are mostly with Bias plugins: Soundsoap Pro, Repli-Q, squeeze, etc. Their controls are not responsive to the mouse,  and their displays indicate no signal present. NuGen Stereoizer 3 has a somewhat similar problem. The filter actually is not displayed within the effect window, which is gray. The presets, which are of the Audition frame are, however, operative and show that the plugin works. Bias presets appear to be handled differently and are only within ghe plugin, so they do not respond to the mouse. It may be that the Bias plugins would work if their controls functioned, though still without dyanmic displays.


                                              I hope this helps.