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    Why do all my images open as grayscale?

    Crystal Carlson

      No matter what I change my settings to, all images I open in photoshop come in as grayscale.  Any suggestions?

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          hari_kdr Community Member

          Can you provide me the more details like what version you are using, system details etc.,

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            Puzzled Lins

            I'd like to tack on my question as well since it sounds similar.


            I'm using PhotoShop CS4 and I've opened a black and white jpg.  It's solid black with a white background and 300ppi.  It's a ridiculously simple image.  All I'm trying to do is change the black to a color.  I wanted to just grab the bucket tool and dump on some color.  However, when I selected the color as my foreground color, I noticed I'm no longer in RGB (seems only Adobe gods know why).  It's showing a grayscale horizontal bar in my colors tab on the top right.  I also see a rainbow colored horizontal bar.  Color picker worked fine but as soon as I chose my color it went back to gray as my foreground color.


            How do I get back to RGB?  I've fiddled around with this for 2 1/2 hours looking for solutions online and in the help sections on the program.  I'm now more educated on what colors are and how they're used and their deep geneauology but unfortunately, none of that has been able to tell me how to flip back to RGB. 


            Also, when I tried opening a new blank image the color selection was fine.  Do you think it's something funky with the image locking in a grayscale?  I also tried reopening PhotoShop. 


            HOLD ON!!  I FIXED IT!!


            Well, I hope this helps Crystal (above).

            I hit the "Image" tab, "Mode" and saw that "grayscale" was checked.  I have no idea how that happened but I selected "RGB" and I have color.  I'm sure you were all holding your breath, right? 

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              Hi Crystal,

              i think what keeps all grayscale images, regardless of your actions, is a preference on the Edit menu> Color Settings, the option "Advanced Controls" must be activated "Desaturate Monitor Colors in" and the value must be in 100%.


              miguel menéndez

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                miguelmenendez Community Member

                If is that, the correct values are Edit menu> Color Settings, the option "Advanced Controls" NO activate "Desaturate Colors in Monitor"

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                  terrypasencio Community Member

                  Well, up until recently, the only way to gain control over the conversion was to use Photoshop's Channel Mixer, which was fine as long as you understood a thing or two about how Channels work. Even then, using the Channel Mixer never really seemed natural because it forced us to think like Photoshop rather than asking Photoshop to think like us. For something as common as converting color photos to black and white, there had to be a better way.And now there is a

                  tool you'll ever need to convert your color images to black and white. It's called the black and white adjustment, and it's easy, it's totally natural....