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    Label Rotation not working


      In an AS Class i want to rotate a Label by 90 degrees.

      So I embeded fonts like this:


      var fmt:TextFormat = new TextFormat;
      fmt.font = "myArial";
      fmt.size = 11;



      Thats true, so i suppose it works.

      I found a blog entry that suggests doing somehing like this:


      var fmt:TextFormat = new TextFormat;
      fmt.font = "
      fmt.size = 11;
      var lbl:Label = new TextField; < I get an Error cannot tarnsform Textfield to Label
      lbl.defaultTextFormat = fmt;
      lbl.embedFonts = true;


      but that when initiation the label i get an error - so i try it like this:


      var someLabel:Label = new Label();
      someLabel.text = "Some Label";


      after performing addChild i do

      someLabel.rotate = 90;


      label is not shown anymore!???

      any suggestions