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    Weird Bugs playing streams with OSMF no sound no video no playback

    AS2Xtreme Level 1

      Hi everyone,

      I've been experimenting some weird bugs concerning the playback of streams with OSMF.


      It seems the playback doesnt work all the time. I have different streams coming from cloudfront from amazon and in some uncertain situations, the stream seems to playback without sound, video and even to stay steady.


      I've seen this usually happens when the browser is doing some other stuff like caling AJAX functions or playing other swfs.Right now Im trying to determine if this is a OSMF problem, or if it is a Cloudfront problem.


      What I am sure about in osmf is that if you play a stream and you pause it, and it even buffers like 10 seconds (bufferLength=10), and you set a break point where you resume, sometimes if you look to the property paused, this is "false".


      Another weird thing I've noticed is that you call a 20 seconds's stream, it starts playing in the 10th second but in SLOW MOTION!!!


      I've tried to set autoplay to false, and then play when the mediaplayer is "ready", but this didnt solve the problem neither.


      If someone could give me an advice, I would really appreciate about that.