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    Custom CPU Build for PP and PS CS5

      I've been planning a custom CPU build for a while now to replace my current production desktop. ...three pieces of hardware that i can't decide on though are motherboard, processor, and video card.


      Other than typical office type applications, i mainly run LR3 and CS5 (mostly PS for still photo work). I do occasional video within PremPro.


      I'm planning an ASUS Rampage III Formula board along with an Intel 980 extreme. Only reason for this is the plans to overclock. ...however I don't want to waste money if the OC'ing won't help in LR or CS5. Also, along the same lines i was going to go with a Corsair H70 hydro cooler, but read pros/cons to water vs. air too. ...would also love to hear thoughts on this.


      As for the graphics card, I was planning the NVidia Quadro 4000...but wonder if the GTX 470 would give me just as good performance at $500 less. Both cards are certified for CS5, so really struggling to understand if it'd be worth it for the Quadro card.


      I do on every other blue moon like to unwind with a game, but am not at all a 'gamer'. I've read some things that state the Quadro blows the GTX out of the water running CS5, but it can't run a chess game....and other stuff that says the GTX performs just as well as the Quadro for my needs unless i do 3D or CAD apps which i don't.


      so...any thoughts or tech facts to help me would be greatly appreciated.


      thanks in advance.
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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          It would be very untypical for me to call your envisaged system 'Overkill' , but for mainly LR and PS and only occasional PR work, corrupted with games and office applications (those should never be installed on an editing rig), an overclocked 980X is overdoing it. A 950 will give you more than enough performance for that and save you a bundle.


          Water cooling is not required and seems like a lot of trouble in comparison to a good third party CPU cooler and more expensive.


          A GTX 470 is more than enough. The Quadros are way overpriced and do not perform better.


          Check this: PPBM5 Benchmark

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            John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

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