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    ExtendScript and Batch Processing

    organech collective

      Scripting and Batch processing are available on Audition (Windows); will we be seeing this on the Mac in later versions?


      As of now the Beta is a nice WAV editor similar to most WAV editors, but with a nice Adobe UI. What could separate it from the rest and give it an edge would be scripting abilities and batch processing. These are essential to workflows, especially when multi-tasking among the Creative Suite.


      Integration between After Effects and Auditions scripting abilities could lead to some killer automated broadcast workflows and server-like functions. I was waiting for this release, but was disappointed to see that scripting was left out.


      Any light at the end of this tunnel?



      ..V, (^_^)

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          Scott Carver Level 1

          You should check out our batch processing panel - we tried to streamline the process from Au3, but keep as much power as possible.


          You can find it in Window->Batch Processing - from there, you can drag files into the panel from Audition or the OS, and click Batch Process in the lower-right. From the resulting dialog, you can apply a Favorite (more on that in a second), specify output location and settings, and start it running. It will process your files in the background, so you can continue to work on other things.


          You can create Favorites one of two ways - either by clicking the star icon in any effect (to save the current settings as a favorite), or choosing Favorites->Start Recording Favorite, and recording a series of operations (most editing operations and effects should be recordable). Once you've made a favorite, you can apply it at any time from the Favorites menu, set a keyboard shortcut for it, or use it in the Batch Processing panel.


          Let us know how this works for you, and what workflows you have that it is or isn't covering. We're hoping this is much more usable than the somewhat obscure script workflow from previous versions.


          Scott C.

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            organech collective Level 1

            Wow, I totally missed that Window. Excellent for manual Batch Processes and favorites should cover most personal workflows.


            It's still missing what you refer to as, "the somewhat obscure script workflow from previous versions," which is great for more complex workflows. If we could implement user level functions as we see in After Effects, we could implement server calls for fully automated functions.


            Thanks for answering half my questions Scott! This will let me play with Batch for a bit, but I'm still looking forward to more robust scripting. This is really lacking in the Audio/Mac world right now. Print and Motion graphics have InDesign and After Effects, but Audition could fill the audio gap here.



            ..V, (^_^)

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              Scott Carver Level 1

              More extensive ExtendScript scripting/batching isn't something we'll be exposing in this release, but it's certainly something that's on our radar for the future.

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                organech collective Level 1

                Thanks Scott… not exactly what I was hoping for, but it's good to know that their won't be an immediate implementation of ExtendScript. We may move away from our current audio editors if scripting becomes a serious tool in Audition. For now batch processing can be preformed with third-party tools, but I'll continue to test the Beta to see if it would be worth investing in now.


                Thanks again for your help!

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                  Scott Carver Level 1

                  Great - let us know as you're testing the ways you're able to use batch processing, and the things you wish you could do with it but can't. It's all helpful feedback.


                  Scott C