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    Moving Cursor in Multitrack


      So I found the option to make my cursor start from the same place each time. Aka, if I set it at the begginging of my spot (Radio Producer) it will start from that spot each time I hit spacebar.


      But mmy question is: is there an Option I can turn on that lets me move the curser withoout having to clight the bar at the top?

      In previous versions I was able to just click almost anywhere in the Multitrack and my cursor would jump there with me.

      I dislike the way I have to move my Cursor at the top, its why I dont like Garage band, and why I'm having troubles with Pro tools.


      Is it a simple option change like the Anchored Cursor? or is this a "new feature"?


      Thanks. I would like to say. I am willing to deal with any changes that this version will bring. Im just so happy Audition (something that seems so natural when producing) is going to be avalible on the mac.

      Great Product and I'm looking forward to release.