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    Alert Box code not working?

    juresti Level 1

      The Box comes up fine when buttons are clicked nothing happens, does not go to URL etc Any help is appreciated.


      Alert.show("This is another alert message. Click the YES button to download the source code, BTW that red thingy is the icon. ;-)", "The Title Here", Alert.OK |

      Alert.CANCEL | Alert.YES | Alert.NO, this, aClicklHandler, "anIcon");


      //what happens when the buttons on the alert are clicked
      aClicklHandler = function (whatWasClicked) {
          switch (whatWasClicked.detail) {
              case Alert.CANCEL:
                  display_txt.text = "The CANCEL button was clicked";
              case Alert.YES:
                  display_txt.text = "The YES button was clicked";
                  getURL ("http://opensource.brajeshwar.com/downloads/alertExample/alertExample.zip", "_self");
              case Alert.NO:
                  display_txt.text = "The NO button was clicked";
              default :
                  display_txt.text = "The OK button was clicked";