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    lighttpd mod_flv_streaming with Flex 4 OSMF VideoPlayer component

    valentin86 Level 1

      I try to get the OSMF working with lighttpd FLV streaming.


      The mod_flv_streaming works through appending a start=keyframe parameter to the FLV URL. The client has to search the nearest keyframe when the user hits the scrub bar to jump to a different position of the video.


      Usually, one would create a new NetStream for each "jump" with the appropriate keyframe information and seek to correct position. However, I have some trouble finding the correct place to put these adjustments into the OSMF.
      I am using the Flex 4 VideoPlayer component.


      What I need:
      Event listener if the user changes the play position using the scrub bar (maybe VideoPlayer.scrubBar -> FlexEvent.CHANGE_END)
      Appending the start parameter to the URL and start playing the stream from there


      Any ideas?


      Thanks in advance.

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          bringrags Level 4

          If I were to implement this, I would create a ProxyElement that overrides the SeekTrait, so that it can intercept a seek request and, instead of calling seek, it would generate the new FLV URL, recreate the appropriate objects (e.g. NetStream), etc.  The client of the ProxyElement wouldn't need to know that the seek is doing this, it would simply call seek and the right thing would happen.  This would require a nominal amount of work, but I'm aware of at least one OSMF customer who has built exactly what you're describing for their own custom pseudo-streaming solution.


          Because this is a fairly advanced case, you might not be able to do it with just the Flex 4 VideoPlayer component since the Flex component doesn't expose the full range of OSMF capabilities.  You might need to use OSMF directly.

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            daslicht Level 2


            do you please like to post an example of the Flex LIGHTTPD Player ?