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    multi-mono 5.1 support?


      Great functionality with the multi-channel .wav support!


      Is there a way for Audition4 to import non-multichannel 5.1 files, i.e. multi-mono?


      In the game world, we work mostly with that format over the multi-channel .wav format because the channel steering is done in code on an individual file basis. If there was a way to have Audition4 recognize the individual mono files with the standard suffix (from Protools.. FileName.L.wav, FileName.R.wav, FileName.C.wav, FileName.Lfe.wav, FileName.Ls.wav, FileName.Rs.wav) and consolidate them into a multichannel file on import and then be able to save out as multi-mono, that would make the program extremely useful in my workflow. Heck, I'd be satisfied with just being able to export the individual mono files so that I can do all of my final mastering in Audition and export to files ready to go in the game. As it is now, I have to bring the multi-channel .wavs back into protools and split it out for delivery.


      Thanks for listening,


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          Scott Carver Level 1

          Audition has no automatic support for interpreting multi-mono files based on name alone. But, having said that, there are a number of ways it might be possible to at least make this workflow a little smoother. If I'm understanding you correctly, you want to ingest 6 mono files (...L.wav, ...R.wav, etc), edit them as one asset, and then re-export/save them as multiple mono's again? What sorts of operations are you usually performing on the files? How many times in your workflow do you usually end up needing to open and modify the files (i.e. once, for initial cleanup and processing, or on repeated occasions)?



          Scott C

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            audiopro333 Level 1



            Thank you for the speedy response!


            Yes on the rephrasing of my desire. That's exactly what I'm trying to do.


            As far as operations, I'd like to do final looping, EQ tweaks, amplitude tweaks, fade in/out, length adjustments, that sort of stuff. Obviously, I can do all of these things in PT, but I'm just trying to evaluate how I would integrate Audition into my workflow so I figured it would be worth asking the question. How many times I edit a file is totally dependent on the changes that come down on the game side of things. Sometimes I have to tweak files a bunch of times. Other times, it's just a one-time mastering and done.



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              Scott Carver Level 1

              While we don't support support this exact workflow (though it's excellent to hear about it, and keep it in mind for the future!), I can think of a few ways that you could handle it.


              I might approach the problem by doing something like this:

              - Create a 5.1 session with 6 mono tracks, each panned to a different channel (the 5.1 panner can be snapped to a single speaker) - perhaps save it somewhere and then reuse it rather than recreating.

              - Add your mono clips to the appropriate channels

              - At this point, you should be able to flexibly trim, add fades and effects to individual clips or all clips (by putting them on the master)

              - Use the time selection tool to select the exact amount of time you want for your final files, and then Mixdown->Time Selection

              - You'll end up with a 5.1 file, which you can split out to labelled mono files with Edit->Extract Channels to Mono.

              - Save your new files AND your session. At this point, you've got (a) your unmodified original files for archiving, (b) a session with all your effects settings and trims saved, and (c) output files to use in the game. If, in the future, you needed to modify them again, you could reopen the session, make a small adjustment and re-export.


              Definitely other ways to do this as well, but this jumped to mind first - this may or may not be an improvement over your current workflow. In the future, we'll definitely keep these multi-mono workflows in mind, though. It's good to hear more from the gaming world!


              And - you might take a look at the batch processing panel, and the ability to record / save / play back favorites, as they could be helpful in processing lots of files also.


              Scott C

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                Charles VW Adobe Employee

                Another approach to this is to have some "template files" sitting around that have the number of channels and channelization labels you want, and then paste the audio into them and save.


                For example, if I wanted to have a 4-channel interleaved WAV file, with channel labels L, C, R, Cs. But all I had were 4 individual Mono files, I could have a blank L, C, R, Cs, wav file sitting around (it is difficult to create this from scratch in Audition, but I could show you alternative ways to do this if you're interested) and just paste into it.


                1) Open my template (blank/empty) file with the number of channels and channelization I wanted

                2) Set the sample rate of the file I want it to be by using Edit > Interpret Sample Rate

                3) Open the 4 individual files

                4) Copy and Paste each channel into the template (you can enable only one channel by pressing the channel enablement buttons in the vertical rulers)

                5) File > Save As...

                6) Save as a new file that has everything combined and with channelization.


                This could also be done with a template 5.1 file as well.  Let me know if this doesn't make sense, or too much of a workaround.

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                  audiopro333 Level 1

                  Thank you gentlemen, for the excellent and helpful replies.


                  Yes, I could see how these workarounds might work, though honestly a bit more of a kludge than to just continue using my current Protools/SoundForge workflow. Using PT as an editor does have it's workflow down-sides, so I'm really interested to have an editing application that will support multi-mono, but I don't think that this is it at this stage. Sound Forge is great and I use that currently but I would love to rid myself of the Windows workflow if possible.


                  The best realization is the Edit/ExtractChannels to Mono Files, however, there should be a way to select them in the Files pane and export them as individual files, which I haven't quite figured out if that's possible yet. It seems you can only export the active file being edited, which is a few steps away from a quick export.




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                    Scott Carver Level 1

                    To export your split mono's a little faster, you can drag them to the Batch Processing panel. Hit Batch Process..., pick a location (and any format options, if needed) and Ok. It should remember your last location, which would hone down your batch exporting a bit.


                    What's the workflow for dealing with multi-mono files in SoundForge? How do they deal with specifying files, and saving them back out? What's the critical functionality that ends up saving you the most time?


                    Scott C

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                      Connected to this, are there plans for a surround panner? Ideally, like with Sony Vegas, it would be useful to use anything from a mono to 5.1 file on a surround track and to pan it in surround. There are many good DAWs out there but not that many that handle surround well, even in Vegas it's not implemented fully (like using third party surround VST effects).


                      For me this would make it viable as an alternative to Vegas as I'm also involved in game audio production.

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                        weirpaul Level 1

                        Sorry, missed the panner originally. I couldn't find any information in the help file about it but given that it can be called on a stereo track, is it that any stereo track can panned in 5.1? Will automating the panner be added before release?

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                          Scott Carver Level 1

                          Any mono or stereo track whose output is a 5.1 bus or a 5.1 master will have a surround panner. The panners settings can be automated in the same way as other track settings - the twirl down automation section of each track header.



                          What are the common sorts of panning you do in a surround project? Do you have a large number of sound  sources that need to individually be panned, or just a couple? What are  your main sources for audio in a surround project (i.e. mono /  stereo files or recordings, surround recordings, already-mastered stereo  audio in need of basic upmixing?)



                          Scott C

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                            _durin_ Adobe Employee

                            audiopro333 wrote:

                            The best realization is the Edit/ExtractChannels to Mono Files, however, there should be a way to select them in the Files pane and export them as individual files, which I haven't quite figured out if that's possible yet. It seems you can only export the active file being edited, which is a few steps away from a quick export.


                            You should be able to right-click any audio file in the Files panel and choose "Extract Channels to Mono Files" without making them the active file in the editor.


                            Screen shot 2010-11-15 at 11.30.02 AM.png