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    Losing profiles

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      I am running DW 6.0. When my system does it's automatic XP System updates, I sometimes lose my profiles and have to restore the system to a previous version...in which case it wants to update again! Can someone help?
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          first of all, i'd recommend upgrading, if possible. it's only about $200 (which is a bargain compared to buying it new).

          and as for your problem, i'm not sure if there's anything you can do. i'm not sure if this is the same thing, but whenever i get Windows updates, the next time i open Dreamweaver it has to recreate the cache. i really don't know what exactly causes it to happen, but it hasn't really been a problem. i just have to wait for it to recreate the cache. what exactly do you mean by "profiles"? is that the same as site definitions? what's the exact error message you get?
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            by profiles, do you mean dw Site Definitions?
            Or do you mean windows User profiles??

            > I am running DW 6.0.

            have you installed any available updaters to MX?
            adobe.com-->support-->dreamweaver-->updaters-->previous versions i think.

            When my system does it's automatic XP System updates, I
            > sometimes lose my profiles

            if updating doesn't fix it- suggest you use the MM Exporter third party
            utility. Then you can import all the site definitions without having to do a
            rollback. It' a good practice to have this info backed up.

            windows versions of dreamweaver store the site definition info in the
            windows Registry file. If the registry file gets 'flaky' the site
            definitions can vanish.


            Adobe Community Expert, dreamweaver