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    How to Edit with Multiple People - HELP

    Toomany3 Level 1

      We used to be a small, 1-guy editing operation. But now we are huge (joke) and have 3 guys doing editing on an ongoing kids program. 


      I need some help with how to effectively edit the same program with 3 different people editing.


      I assume that it's impossible for all 3 editors to edit the same project file simultaneously, right?  That would be ideal as long as each person is working on a different scene, but even then, I'm sure it would introduce all kinds of problems.


      So I'm left pondering the best way to edit one large program (1-hour in final length) between multiple people.  The best method I've come up with to this point is to split my project up into 5 individual PP projects broken down by general scene categories. 


      That way each person can work on the "same" project/episode, but yet be working off of separate files, thus avoiding syncing problems. 


      But this only seems like a bandaide to our situation, especially if we bring on a couple more editors in the future.


      Any suggestions on working on the same project/episode at the same time between multiple people?

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          davidbeisner2010 Level 3

          AFAIK, you've hit the nail on the head... Decide who takes what scenes, give each of them the source footage they need for their scene, along with any other assets needed, and let them cut it together. Then make a master file into which you import the sequences (or entire projects) of the individual editors and nest the sequences in a master sequence in the proper order, do any other work that must be done with everything together, and then output that master sequence.


          It's not a band-aid, it's called a workflow... ;-)

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            John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            As far as I know from reading in each Premiere forum, NO flavor of Premiere is designed for shared editing


            Premiere (any flavor) is only designed for ONE person to edit on ONE computer... which means the project and files need to be "local" to that computer... Premiere does not even work (well or at all) to directly edit files living on a server


            About the closest you may come is to put your files on a server and then use some kind of check in/out software so when A copies a file to a local computer the file is locked and B may not use the same file at the same time... until A copies the file back and unlocks the file


            I don't know any program names offhand, but I will GUESS that to get into shared editing you are going to have to spend many thousands (tens of thousands?) of dollars... just like a Hollywood studio

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              Stan Jones Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              There was a recent thread on similar issues.  I don't have this situation (one man shop), but one aspect of the "import sequences" to a master gets my attention.  I was starting to do this for my own projects (e.g. a season's worth of ball games where you want to do individual gamnes as well as a highlight of the season).  One project for it all gets rather complicated, and it seemed simple to import key sequences into another project.  But...


              A) This is not a dynamic link, but an import.  The whole project (or whole sequence(s) your choice) come in, inside a new bin.  changes in the other sequence are not updated in the master, so you need to be finished in the imported sequence - or be prepared to import again and redo any transition work.


              B) When you import, even though all the clips are from a shared pool, Premiere creates new instances in the imported bin.  Even if you offline and relink (so you don't literally need multiple clips on disk), they are still multiple instances in the bins.  As long as you don't plan on using work on clips in other sequences/projects, it really won't matter.  But, for example, if editor A adds markers to Clip 1 in their project, and you import their project to the master project, Clip 1 in editor B's project imported to the master will not hve the marker set by editor A,


              All logical really, but it limits this as a workaround to making Premiere work as a shared editor.

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                Jim_Simon Level 8

                Any suggestions on working on the same project/episode at the same time between multiple people?



                Upgrade to something like Avid Symphony.


                Engineered for collaboration
                Working as a team means that your online session runs on time and on budget. Symphony Nitris DX supports Unity shared-storage solutions for file-level sharing of media, projects, and ideas. And Symphony Nitris DX integrates directly with the Interplay production environment, for real-time collaboration at every level.

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                  rejdmast1 Level 2

                  Have a look at Lightworks.



                  EditShare is releasing a free open source version on Nov. 29th.  I'm not sure how much you will be able to do

                  with the free open source release, but it's worth looking into.


                  From their site:

                  PROJECT SHARING
                  The most advanced Project Sharing capabilities available, allowing  editors to access each others’ work with the click of a button. Instant  Save technology ensures you’ll never lose your work again.